Dark Knight or Knight in shining armor?


  • Good level of depth and features for on online game
  • Missions can be very challenging


  • Takes a long time to reach knight level

Not bad

BattleKnight is an online browser game in which you create your own knight who can conquer all by improving his armour, castles and increase his territory.

BattleKnight is primarily a strategy game but you do get the chance for some swashbuckling action when confronting enemies or taking over land. You play the role of a knight in the Middle Ages and it's up to you whether you join dark side or become an honorable and respected knight. Your main obstacle to defeating either side is money - you need to be able to continue bringing in the coffers by taking on missions of increasing risk, danger and strategic challenge or participating in fighting tournaments.

The problem is you start off as a knave which is the bottom run of the knight ladder. A knave is an apprentice of an experienced knight. Once you reached level 15 you will be knighted yourself and you can train a knave or be part of battle tournaments. The game is based on 2D graphics which are pretty good with an impressive level of detail for an online game. You've got plenty of features and customisation options which is rare for an online game but of course, it's also limited in other respect. There's a fairly active user forum and extensive playing guide so it's easy to get up and running.

BattleKnight is a decent online strategy game that takes some getting into but if you can reach knight status, it probably gets a whole lot better.




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